Worthy of Your Attention

by November 21, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

It’s a night of reunions…

Clippers @ Sixers
: Elton Brand says he feels no extra motivation going up against his former team, but we all know that’s a bold-face lie. He’d have to be a robot not to be pumped up for tonight’s matchup.

“I don’t care to see them,” Brand said.”I can’t worry about individual stuff,” Brand said. “It’s just a competition. It’s just a game we need to win.”

Sure. Whatever you say, dude.

Over on the Clippers’ side, Mike Dunleavy is still trying to figure out what he did exactly to deserve the cold shoulder from E.B.

“If we don’t speak, it won’t be because I don’t want to speak to him,” Dunleavy said. “I still respect him, he was a great player for us.”

Give the man a hug, Elton. He could use one.

Celtics @ Timberwolves:KG will finally get a chance to play against his old team – when the Celtics and Wolves met up last year following the big trade, Garnett was injured.

Factor in the struggling economy and the team’s dismal play, there’s been very little excitement in Minnesota’s gym this season, but that figures to chance tonight.

The Celtics should, of course, have no problem with the T-Wolves. The only reason to tune in, really, is for the standing ovation.