Would the Spurs Trade Tony Parker?

by June 24, 2010

by Marcel Mutoni / @marcel_mutoni

Tony Parker has one year (and $13.5 million) left on his current deal with the San Antonio Spurs. Coming off an injury-riddled season, during which his numbers took a noticeable dip after only playing in 56 games, there’s been talk around the League that San Antonio would consider shopping their star point guard.

According to Parker, things are entirely out of his hands when it comes to the trade chatter, but that he hopes to remain with the Spurs.

The Express-News takes a look at the validity (or lack thereof) of the rumors:

Less than 24 hours to go until the start of Thursday’s NBA draft, and the question remains: Is Tony Parker really on the trading block? The Spurs already own the 20th pick, their highest since taking Tim Duncan first overall in 1997, but rumors persist that they are looking to move up even higher than that — and that they could use their three-time All-Star point guard as a bargaining chip to get there.

The Spurs helped fuel the trading-up rumors at last month’s combine in Chicago, opting to interview Georgia Tech big man Derrick Favors — a presumptive top-5 selection. Through media reports, the Spurs have also been mentioned in Parker-related talks with Indiana, which has the 10th pick. Yet two NBA front-office sources — each representing separate teams with a top-10 pick — told the Express-News reports of the Spurs shopping Parker are overblown.

“I wouldn’t put much credence in it,” one Eastern Conference executive said. Meanwhile, a rival Western Conference general manger said Wednesday he believes the Spurs are as apt to trade down as up Thursday. Parker’s inclusion in trade rumors is understandable. He is the Spurs’ most tradable asset, perhaps the only single player who could get them into the top 10 of this year’s draft. Parker is heading into the final season of his contract, and there is some question as to whether the Spurs will be able to offer him the kind of extension he wants. Though he’s coming off an injury-plagued season, Parker, at 28, is in the prime of his career, and is just one season removed from an All-NBA campaign.

All told, it doesn’t sound like there’s anything too serious going on in the Spurs’ front-office when it comes to Parker’s trade availability.

Then again, where there’s smoke …