Yao Ming Has Had Just About Enough of T-Mac

by January 15, 2009

by Marcel Mutoni

Earlier this week, I posted a small item about Tracy McGrady supposedly bad-mouthing teammate Yao Ming behind his back. And now, according to David Aldridge, the two are no longer on speaking terms.

Not only that, but the Rockets’ franchise center wants the chronically-injured Tracy shipped out of town on the first thing smoking. From NBA.com:

The Rockets are putting a positive spin on this, but Waiting for Tracy is a play that nobody in Houston wants to see anymore — up to and including the big man, Yao Ming.

“They don’t speak,” an extremely plugged-in person tells me. “And Yao wants him out.”

As Aldridge points out, despite Yao’s wishes, McGrady’s contract is far too bulky for teams to consider trading with Houston. So, crummy health and all, he’s likely stuck there for at least the remainder of this season and possibly the next one.

Sorry, Yao.