Yet Another Ricky Rubio Rumor, and Denial

Spanish media keeps reporting that Ricky is going to play in Spain fhe next two years, and David Khan keeps shooting the reports down. This feels like it could go on for an eternity: “On Wednesday, the Barcelona Mundo Deportivo daily said the 18-year-old point guard would sign with Regal Barcelona after a tentative contract buyout for more than $5 million with his DKV Joventut team had been reached. Wolves president David Kahn promptly denied knowledge of any deal. In today’s edition of El Periodico, the Spanish daily reports that DKV has accepted in principle a buyout of Rubio’s contract for $5.3 million, and that Joventut’s board of directors will meet Friday to ratify the deal. And this morning, Kahn wrote in an e-mail, ‘My comment from yesterday stands.”‘