Antawn Jamison re-signs, 4 years, $50 mill

By Sam Rubenstein

When the Wizards were on their way out of the playoffs last season, it seemed like a turning point for their organization to many. Do they blow it up and start over, or bring back their talent at high prices?

High prices!

“It just came down to the fact that I felt comfortable here and Mr. Pollin expressed that he was going to re-sign me and we were able to negotiate a good deal for both sides,” said Jamison, who earned $16.3 million last season in the final year of a contract he signed with Golden State in 2001. “When you have both parties willing to compromise and get something done, you can get something done.”

Oh Antawn, so level-headed, so mature, so understanding. The quiet, productive performer on this team with a few other more, shall we say, attention seeking members.

Good luck getting that Gilbert contract done!

But in all seriousness, the Wizards should be as competitive as ever in the East. You know, a round or two into the playoffs, not really sure what the big picture goal is.