East Coast Biasing

By Sam Rubenstein

We’ll have Holly’s weekend recap in a little bit, which will fall under the title of her game recap column… “The Post Up.” I forget who came up with the idea, but it was a commenter and I thank you. Art director Stephen Goggi is on banner duty today once he stops punching his computer screen in a blind NY Giants fan fueled rage. I already got my rage out of the way on that topic with some loud and public swearing at television sets yesterday.

Before we get Holly’s all-around league coverage, I’d like to begin with some East Coast biasing. The Celtics are as unbeatable as any team from the Boston area these days. That is very annoying. KG is off to a great start, leading the team in rebounds, assists, blocks, and steals. Paul Pierce is their leading scorer. Ray Allen is shooting over 50% from three and nearly 58% from the field. All three pieces of the big 3 are scoring 22 ppg or more. There is much happiness in Beantown, and their schedule doesn’t get much tougher in the immediate future. Everything is coming together perfectly for the Celtics. If you were a person that is sick and tired of the dominance of the Boston sports scene these days, this would all be vomit inducing information to you.

The Knicks… well, when they fought hard and beat the Nuggets at home in a dramatic come from behind win last week, there was a tough road trip on the schedule looming ominously in the near future. Now they head into it on a 2 game losing streak, and Z-Bo might not be with the team as he attends to the death of his grandmother. He’s been delivering the goods on the court, and we all wish the best for the Randolph family. May this bereavement leave be less controversial than his previous one.

Gilbert Arenas is not playing on a healthy knee, and the results are plain to see. His FG% is 35.6, and don’t even ask about what he’s doing from three. The Orlando Magic have a chance to grab early control of the Southeast. Indiana has come back down to earth with 3 straight losses, and other than that the East is pretty stable, for now.

More thorough weekend coverage to come, once I get back from the gym. My football team won 36-0 yesterday and it was such a blowout I didn’t even have to run, so I’ll make up for that now.