Gregg Popovich’s Newest Complaint: Wording on the Celtics’ Title Banner

by Marcel Mutoni

Last year, Gregg Popovich famously voiced his displeasure when the Lakers hoodwinked Memphis into trading Pau Gasol for virtually nothing. Well, it’s a new season, and Pop has a new complaint.

Gregg would like to know why the Celtics insist on calling themselves “World Champions”, when in fact, they’re just lowly NBA champs. From the Dallas Morning News:

“There’s no such thing,” he said. “Why can’t we just be happy with ‘the NBA champions.’ That’s pretty cool.

In the middle of the Celtics’ [banner], it says: World Champions in giant letters and Boston Celtics up [on top]. In the middle, in little teeny letters, NBA. In brackets. What is that? Ashamed to be in the NBA. Or, I know it’s really the NBA championship, but I’m going to go ahead and say world championship anyway. I don’t understand it.”

“And another thing that’s been getting on my nerves of late: whenever we travel to different cities, the staff at the various hotels never remembers to leave a mint on my pillow. I mean, what is that? I don’t understand it,” Pop did not necessarily add.

With a team struggling mightily to get out of the blocks in the early going, you’d think the man would have other things on his mind. And of course, you’d be wrong.