LaVar Ball: Stephen Curry Not Better Than Lonzo Ball

Back in March, LaVar Ball made the ludicrous claim that his son Lonzo is a better basketball player than Stephen Curry.

LaVar still hasn’t changed his mind, to no one’s great shock: “I still don’t think he’s better than my son,” the elder Ball said Wednesday night.

Curry (28 points, seven assists) outdueled Lonzo (15 points, ten assists) last night in the Golden State Warriors’ 127-123 road overtime win against the Los Angeles Lakers.

Per NBC Sports Bay Area:

The subject turned to the Lonzo vs. Steph Curry storyline.


“I trained my son. I know what he’s about. You guys know what Steph is about from what you’ve seen. I don’t know what Steph is about. He’s a good player,” LaVar said.


“He’s a two-time MVP,” [NBC Sports Bay Area’s Kerith] Burke said.


“He can be a 10-time MVP. I still don’t think he’s better than my son,” LaVar retorted.

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