Mark Cuban’s Brother Knows Who Got the Better Deal in Harris/Kidd Trade

by Marcel Mutoni

Not sure if you’re aware, but Mark Cuban has a brother. His name is Brian, and like his richer sibling, he maintains a blog. It is hilariously named the The Cuban Revolution.

On said blog, Brian Cuban recently discussed the Nets fans chanting “Thank You, Cuban!”, in mock appreciation of the Mavs’ owner’s decision to trade away Devin Harris for Jason Kidd. Would you believe that Brian doesn’t believe the Mavs got the short end of the stick? Because he doesn’t. Shocking, I know:

I am also amused when I see all of the mainstream media and blogs opining on the value of the Harris-Kidd trade. The word of the moment to describe the trade seems to be “fleeced“.


Someone please explain it to me. How did the Dallas Mavericks get fleeced? They were fleeced because Devin is putting up good numbers for the Nets? They were fleeced because every one is crowning Devin the next Jason Kidd or Steve Nash? They were fleeced because someone out there unbeknown to the world is blessed with the ability to predict alternate realities has predicted an NBA championship for the Mavs this year had we kept Devin? That’s what it is about is it not?

In the end only one NBA team out of 30 calls themselves champs in June. I guess everyone else got “fleeced”.

At one point in the ranting entry, Brian Cuban opines that he is, perhaps, “a basketball idiot”. I would’ve left it at that.