Ray Allen Got Out Just in Time

by Marcel Mutoni

When Ray Allen was kicked to the curb by the Sonics on Draft night, he was justifiably miffed. Here was a guy who’d given the franchise four solid seasons (four All-Star berths; a trip to the Playoffs) and was suddenly no longer needed because they were going in a different direction with Kevin Durant.

With the success in Boston and the situation in Seattle deteriorating in the most public fashion, I think it’s fair to say that Ray-Ray is quite happy now with the way things turned out.

He’s also not afraid to speak out against the new Sonics owners. From the Boston Globe:

“When the team was bought from the previous ownership they told us and everybody in the city that they sold it to a group that they thought would most likely keep the team in the city,” Allen said.

“Everybody thought that was some [garbage]. How is someone from Oklahoma City going to buy a team in Seattle who doesn’t have any ties [in Seattle] and has big money in Oklahoma? If things don’t go right, everybody’s craving for the team to move to Oklahoma City.

“I think the people of that city are so snake-bitten by previous ownership and now the new ownership.”

In other words: I’m so glad to be outta there!