Ron Artest is writing a journal

By Sam Rubenstein

Ron Artest is keeping a journal for The highlights are, as you might expect, plentiful.

Me being Ron Artest and doing all the other things I do, I wasn’t able to handle a project of my caliber. My label wasn’t able to handle what was needed to be done. We couldn’t market the right way. Tru Warier Records is a small label. Tru Warier Records didn’t really have a handle on what was needed to be done.


 If you’re trying to find the Ron Artest album, you’re not going to find it. It’s like trying to find a Tic-Tac in the ocean.


A lot of people were hating on it. I think they don’t respect me as a rapper, but it’s all good. My street credibility is always going to be there. No matter what people say, what people don’t know is that Ron Artest is not only a basketball but he’s also a thorough-ass nword. 


I tell them when they see certain people in the street, tell them to stop hating or they may have to set it off on them. People have to watch out how they behave, especially publicly, because we can find out who it is.  


We’ve been through a lot of ups and downs and we’ve been losing a lot, but we’re going to come together as a team. We’re going to shock the world when we bring the title home. They’re going to hate me for that too.


When I talked to Carmelo, he said he wanted to win. They’re going to be tough to guard. It’s going to be like dealing with two Michael Jordan-caliber players.


I had a Christmas party with my wife. I bought her a NASCAR race car.


To all the people who respect other people’s personalities, one love. To everyone else, I want them to smack the shit out themselves with their own hand.

God bless you Ron Artest. You enrich all of our lives.