Scooter-Gate: Monta Ellis Suspended 30 Games (Sans Pay)

by Marcel Mutoni

It took them a while, but the Golden State Warriors have finally decided what to do about their scooter-loving point guard. To the surprise of just about everyone, Monta Ellis will receive more than a slap on the wrist from his employer.

From the Mercury News:

Warriors president Robert Rowell announced in a press release that the team has suspended injured guard Monta Ellis for 30 games for violating his contract in the Scooter Incident.

Here’s how you calculate the salary loss: NBA fiscal seasons are based on a 110-game grid, counting in pre-season and potential post-season games. If you take away 30 games from 110, which is 27.2% of the total, you get a $2.99M salary hit.

The suspension is symbolic at best (due to injury, Ellis would’ve likely those missed those games anyway); what’s going to hurt Monta is the loss in pay.

Monta and his camp have yet to react to the news, but it’s not hard to guess how they feel about losing out on $3 mil. Certainly something to keep an eye on.