The Post Up: Night of Crickets

by Holly MacKenzie

Friday, Friday, where did the week go?

Nine days into 2009 already, I just don’t get it. You know what else I didn’t get? Why there were only two games on the NBA schedule last night and both were gross match ups. Dallas @ New York and LA Clippers @ San Antonio.


I worked an evening shift at The Score so I didn’t watch either game, but because I was working for a sports network (and this is truly, the only reason why I stumbled upon this info), I finally clued in that the NCAA Football championship game was on and this was why the NBA had such a light schedule.

For all of you football fans, whoooooo, Go Gators!

That’s about all I know on that.

Back to basketball and I don’t know much more this morning, I’m sorry. I can tell you that the Spurs defeated the Clippers handily, taking them down, 106-84. Tony Parker had 19 points, Michael Finley had 15 points, Manu Ginobili scored 13 points and of course, Roger Mason scored 18, on a night that I forgot to start ANYONE on my fantasy team. Tim Duncan was held to only 8 points, but he added 9 assists on the evening. The Clippers had 21-point efforts from both Al Thornton and Eric Gordon in the loss.

Dallas was able to grind out the 99-94 victory against a Knicks team that was fighting until the end. Josh Howard had 19 points for the Mavs as Jason Kidd scored 16 points and Antoine Wright scored 13. Chris Duhon was brilliant for the Knicks in the loss, scoring 23 Dirk sick, but getting it done.points on 10-14 shooting as Wilson Chandler scored 20 and David Lee had 13 points to go with his 14 rebounds. It was not a good game for Dirk Nowitzki who scored only 11 points as he battled a cold and fever of 101.

Now onto tonight’s schedule. Memphis is in Toronto and I cannot wait to see OJ. He’s still my Rookie of the Year, no matter what you all say. Boston @ Cleveland is going to be an interesting one. Cleveland hasn’t lost at home yet this season and the Celtics reallllly need a W. Could they pull one out in Bron’s house and make a statement? The Pacers are in LA to face the Lakers and you know Kobe and Co. will want revenge on that last-second loss when they were in Indy. Regardless of roster rehauls, Dallas @ Phoenix will be one to watch and you know I’ll be tuning in, as soon as I get home from the Memphis game.

Well guys, I think that’s pretty much it.

I had this convo with a friend last night and I know we’ve had it here before, but quick recap, since we’re only a few weeks (!), away from the All Star break. Who are your major award winners so far? MVP, MIP, ROY, 6th Man, DPOY, COY?

Who is your All NBA First team?

Who is going to win the title this season?

I’ve been doing lots of thinking lately. Let me hear your thoughts.

Now, go have a wonderful weekend and catch up with me Monday morning.

Oops! One more thing, check this amazing story about an amazing girl and her love for basketball, then check the by-line. Really, it’s a wonderful story.