This Doug Collins-to-Chicago Thing Will Happen

by Marcel Mutoni

Doug Collins and the Chicago Bulls organization did their best to diffuse the situation yesterday, with both parties coming out and saying that nothing has been offered (nor accepted.) But it doesn’t take Nostradamus to figure out that Collins will become the head coach of the Bulls in the very near future.

It’s going to happen.

During the Lakers/Spurs game last night, Marv Albert joked about how he’d now twice chased Doug Collins off – the first time being when Doug took the coaching job in Washington. He all but admitted that he was just waiting for TNT’s coverage of the West Finals to conclude so he can fly to Chicago.

Get ready, Bulls fans.

Prepare for the man that your organization gave his first head coaching gig in the ’80s; a brilliant basketball mind. The man who players – due to his incessantly critical, grating style – typically tune out in less than three years. The man who’s now going to be trusted with bringing along the top pick in this year’s draft (word to Kwame Brown).

So, yeah, good luck with all of that.