Trade: Can Al Harrington Find Happiness in New York?

by Marcel Mutoni

The last time Peter Vecsey of the NY Post reported an NBA trade, let’s just say that things didn’t exactly work out. But, hey, everyone makes mistakes. He’s bound to get one of these stories right. Right?

For what it’s worth, The Viper says the Knicks and Warriors have a deal in place. Al Harrington is reportedly no longer a Golden State Warrior.

Knicks sources said a deal for Al Harrington was to go through late yesterday, but was delayed until today. A league conference call is scheduled for this morning that would bring the disgruntled Warriors forward to the Knicks, presumably for Malik Rose.

The move will reunite [Donnie] Walsh with Harrington, whom the Pacers president drafted out of high school (No. 25) in 1998.

I realize that Harrington has only suited up for a handful of games this season and had become persona non grata in Oakland, but Malik Rose? Seriously, that’s the best Chris Mullin could do? Yikes. No wonder they don’t let him in on some of the big team decisions anymore.

As for the Knicks, well, they’re getting a good player (who’s owed a little under $20 mil over the next couple of years). He should be able to get minutes in D’Antoni’s system; what remains to be seen is if he’ll deem those to be enough.