By Sam Rubenstein

Getting this out of the way cause we’ve got better stuff coming that might take a little tweaking. It’s Friday, Fri-day, however you want to say it. This weekend is extremely loaded for me and I’m looking forward to it. Game 7 of McGrady’s latest first round purgatory, the boxing match, BOWLING AT THE PORT AUTHORITY, riding my bike 42 miles through the 5 boroughs on Sunday, crashing a high school reunion so I can be the creepy old man… lots of fun.

One piece of business to take care of. I was wrong about Dirk being the first MVP (if he were to win it) to get knocked out in the first round. My research was flawed because I didn’t realize Moses won two of them with Houston. In my defense I was an infant when he was winning MVPs. And what MVP changes teams the year after he wins it, huh? But still if I made anyone look bad for putting false info out there, I’m sorry.

Oh, and Ron Ron is not going to jail. That’s good news for whoever his cellmate would have been.

UTAH: Andrei Kirilenko. Nice to have you back Omega Red.

GOLDEN STATE: So many ways to go. Baron was as heroic as the bearded Leonidas. Matt Barnes stepped up again. But it was the poise and veteran leadership of Stephen Jackson, not to mention the three point marksmanship that kept the Warriors together. Also, their fans were amazing but I feel like I’d be kissing up to give them another award.

And yes, Dirk played like Xerxes.

Have a great weekend everyone!