Class of 2014 Top 10 (PHOTOS)

by October 13, 2012


After breaking down the top HS seniors, juniors and sophomores throughout the country earlier last month in our annual pre-season rankings, it’s only right that we follow up with a galleries showcasing the top-10 players for the each of the classes 2013, 2014 and 2015. As you’ll see above, many of these rising stars are athletically gifted, with college or even pro-ready physiques. We’ve already shown what the top players in the Class of 2013 look like when they’re dominating the floor. Now it’s the juniors’ turn. This 2014 class features lots of multifaceted studs and with two years away from entering college, every single one of these guys are currently being pursued by just about every high-major basketball program in the country. Yes, you’re certainly going to be reading about all of them in our PUNKS section of the magazine starting next summer!