G-League Unveils Official Nike Uniforms for Upcoming Season

by October 16, 2017
NBA G-League

With the G-League starting its first official season, Nike went out all out to produce their new uniforms. Peep all the technology, straight from the League:

The new Nike NBA G League uniforms were created with special attention to enabling agility and range of motion while also paying tribute to the NBA parent teams.


The most significant design advancements are to the scapula line of the jerseys where Nike designers altered the construction for a vastly improved fit. Additionally, the hemlines on the bottom of the shorts were modified to allow for greater range of motion.


Visible updates to the uniforms also include:


The addition of the NBA G League logo on the left chest and back neckline of the jerseys as well as the right hip of the shorts.


Team-colored neck trim and side inserts that highlight the unique identities of each NBA G League team.


To further the connection between NBA teams and their NBA G League affiliates, Nike incorporated the following elements:


Player name and number fonts from the NBA parent teams, with the shorts also featuring the NBA team’s logo on the left side of the shorts – opposite the NBA G League team logo positioned on the right short insert.

The uniforms go on sale in November at NBAGLeagueStore.com for $70.

Video courtesy of NBA