LCS Plus is Telling Stories Through Laces

People haven’t always taken pride in making sure that their laces continue to tell the same that a sneaker’s upper or tongue does. LCS Plus is coming through to change that.

LCS is a brand new startup company that makes original laces. Their products are meant to play a part in telling the full story of a sneaker.

“LCS exists to provide a canvas for your originality,” they say on their website.

LCS have already made it to the NBA floor. Tarik Black wore the “Martin Luther King Jr.” laces in February and Brandon Jennings recently showed love to his momma in the “Mother’s Day” laces.

The company also has a “Moments” lace, done up in white and gold, that’s made to complement the sneakers we’re going to see in the upcoming NBA Finals. Up next are the camo “Memorial Day” joints.

All of the laces come in lengths ranging from 36″ to 72″ and are made out of polyester. Each pair costs $10. Scroll through the gallery up top to get a look at the “Memorial Day” laces and follow LCS Plus on Twitter and Instagram.