Post Up: Nuggs Sting Hornets

by Holly MacKenzie /@stackmack

Ahhhh my fellow Post Up people, it’s gotta be a short one today. I just got home from work and I’ve gotta get to sleep because I’ve got a lot of work to do tomorrow am before another night shift.

Yes, that’s right, I will be watching Game 6 of the Boston/Chi series at work, in front of people where my girlie squeals will have to be contained. Curses and swears will be allowed though. That’s the beauty of working for a sports network. Particularly one that is “Home for the Hardcore”. Yup, perfect fit, I’d say.

I am postively jacked for this game though. (also… gotta admit, a little, teeny-tiny bit worried it’s going to be like Game 3…. okay, enough of that negative talk. I demand a Game 7). Rondo vs. Rose. BG vs. the world. It’s been an unreal series has it not? I was watching clips from Game 2, where Ray Allen and Ben Gordon had the UConn shootout. Doesn’t it feel like that was weeks and weeks ago? Crazy.

I suppose I should talk about the action that happened last night.

Well, the Hawks killed Dwyane’s Heat. I do NOT understand why Wade was called for a flagrant foul when he was clearly going for the ball, but I digress. Seeing him crumpled up on the floor is never a good look, particularly in the playoffs. Seeing Al Horford being helped to the locker room wasn’t fun either.

Seeing Josh Smith attempt a wild, circus-between-the-legs dunk with the game already out of reach for the Heat should have annoyed me, but it didn’t. That guy can get away with anything. Same as JR Smith.

JR was jacking three-pointers with abandon in the Nuggets blowout against the Hornets. I know it’s his former team so he’s jacked. It’s the first time Melo had been out of the first-round and the first time the Nuggets have advanced since 1994. Still, GK should have had those guys out of the game way before the final minute.

The score was tied at the half and then NOH just died. No Tyson Chandler in that one and it was sad to watch Chris Paul helplessly fight his way through a disappointing end to the season.

Chris and Deron out of the playoffs and Rondo’s averaging a triple-double in the series. I’m not debating anyone’s greatness, I’m just sayin. To everyone who tried to tell me that Rondo is only good because of the players around him kindly step off and admit you were very, very wrong.

So, you all know I love KG. I love his heart and his passion and that he finally got a ring last season. I LOVE “this is for ‘Sota” and his emotion and inability to keep his tears in check when he’s joyous. I even love that he had me crying tears of joy rather than sorrow when he took out the Lakers. Seeing him with that stupid “NBA Champions” hat on gave me chills.

You know what I don’t love? Foolishness like this.

Ben Gordon just played 50 minutes on one leg. He busted his ass and he drew a foul on your teammate Tony Allen for three free throws that tied the game. Your team was one flagrant/non-flagrant foul call away from going into double-overtime or potentially losing this game. You are in a suit. I understand that you are happy/thrilled/proud/overwhelmed with mfer’s for your guys. Still, this is unacceptable.

Props to BG for calmly walking on by.

Orlando/Philly minus Dwight and Courtney Lee. Who’ve you got?

My favorite injury of the playoffs was Lee’s,  listed on Yahoo! Sports as “blow to head”

One more thing: Let’s go Portland. I’m all about forcing the Game 7. I’d like to see Roy drain floaters over Yao some more, too.

Okay, it’s about time for me to get going or I won’t make it through my day today. Tell me your thoughts on last night’s action, what you think is going down tonight and anything else you think my life will benefit from knowing.