Post Up: #PrayForGordonHayward

Celtics 99 (0-1), Cavs 102 (1-0)

Kyrie’s return. The start of a new NBA season. All of that excitement was put on hold when Gordon Hayward went down with a gruesome ankle injury just minutes into his Celtics debut.

NBA players flooded twitter with thoughts and prayers for their fallen brother—the amount of support truly unprecedented.

The Celtics looked shook for the rest of the first half, before turning it on after halftime.

Boston completely erased a 17-point deficit in the third and held the lead for much of the fourth behind big-time efforts by Jaylen Brown and Kyrie Irving.

LeBron, despite his claim of being out of shape, looked like his normal dominant self.

He posted a signature, near-triple-double (29, 16, 9) while defending #TheLand from Boston’s late rally.

After the game, it was all respect between Bron and his former PG.

Rockets 122 (1-0), Warriors 121 (0-1)

After receiving their championship rings, Golden State started the game off scorching hot.

Klay Thompson was sniping threes from everywhere, and Swaggy P—yes, Swaggy P—scored 20 of his 23 points in the first half.

The Warriors held on to a comfortable, double-digit lead heading into the fourth, but that quickly diminished after Draymond Green went to the locker room with a strained knee.

Houston would outscore the Warriors by 14 in the final quarter and took the lead with 44 seconds remaining.

They held on, but barely. This last-second shot by KD was waived off after the replay.

James Harden led the way for Houston with 27 points and 10 dimes.