Post Up: Nuggets WCF-Bound

by May 14, 2009

by Holly MacKenzie / @stackmack

Okay people: The important basketball news is that the Nuggets, the Denver Nuggets and all of their mismatched, troubled, tough and terrifically entertaining players defeated the Dallas Mavericks 124-110. That’s right, Denver is headed to the Western Conference Finals for the first time since 1985. That’s the year I was born. This is madness. Mayhem. Melo-goodness.

He had 30 last night, Billups had 28.

And they had some happy guys on the way to the locker room after the game. That was fun to see.

Now, for secret time: I skipped the game. Yeah I know, that sounds foolish, but I skipped out on the game to….. see Drake perform. And it was worth every single missed basket. He was great and besides the performance itself, seeing him so happy and proud and just filled with joy to be home, in his hometown performing for his fans, that was just special and had me so damn jacked all night long. I could not wipe the smile off of my face last night.

I love that guy and I cannot wait for his album to come out!

Shoutout to my guy Sweets for the hookup and the perfect night. I’m a happy girl today.

I did see the final 24 seconds of the game, Chauncey looking all content and the guys walking to the locker room. I love happiness.

And tonight, it’s LA and Houston. I’m looking for the Lakers to dig in and get it done tonight. I don’t think it’ll be 40 points, I don’t even think it’ll be 20, but I do think they will close this series out and gear up for those Nuggets.

It’s also Boston/Orlando and I’m hoping for the Magic to come through and force a Game 7. I like Game 7’s but I’m also trying to sort out if/when I’m going to Boston for these ECF’s, so I’d like a little more time. I don’t feel entirely comfortable relying on the Magic to get this done for me, though. Tension on that team between star player and coach doesn’t seem so great going into an elimination game.

Who’ve you got, are we going seven or is it ending tonight?

In case you missed it: ESPN is reporting that Dirk’s ex-girl duped an NFL player… TEN YEARS AGO. It’s time for her to retire that act she’s got going on.

Question for you all: Are you guys watching the NHL playoffs?

And… Because I missed it, Happy Birthday to our favorite teacher/Sam/giants fan, Mr. Rubenstein.