Austin Rivers Plays Against Doc Rivers (VIDEO)

by January 17, 2013

Doc Rivers and the Boston Celtics lost to Doc’s son Austin, as the New Orleans Hornets took home the upset win. The Rivers discussed the moment, which was surreal for both of them. Per WEEI: “It’s just a strange dynamic,’ said Celtics coach Doc Rivers after losing to his son, 90-78. ‘I didn’t enjoy it, honestly. I know it’s neat for everyone else, but as a father, I don’t know if I enjoyed that.’ … ‘It was strange for everybody in here,’ added Kevin Garnett. ‘If we didn’t feel old [before], we feel a little old [now], obviously, seeing a little kid that used to say absolutely nothing, dribble his ball and kind of be in his own little world to being a young man now in the league, trying to make something of himself, doing a good job of it, talking trash, running up and down, leading his team. It’s good. It’s good to see Austin doing real good.’ […] ‘It’s fun to get to compete against your family,’ Austin Rivers said. ‘I’m sure if you have a brother or sister, you always wanted to win. It’s the same thing here. Even though it’s at a higher level, I always want to try and beat him.’ […] When Rivers got knocked to the floor by Paul Pierce at the end of the third quarter, Rivers said he didn’t fear for his son at all. As a matter of fact, he didn’t even flinch. ‘No, I don’t,’ Rivers said. ‘That’s one thing my kids know with me; when you go to the floor I don’t flinch. ‘Get the hell up.’ They all laugh at that, because that’s how I’ve always been. I never flinch. My wife would run out there; I’m not going out there. I mean, get the hell up.'”