Blake Griffin Makes His Pistons Debut

by February 02, 2018

Blake Griffin had 24 points, 10 rebounds and five assists in his Pistons debut Thursday night, leading Detroit past the Memphis Grizzlies 104-102.

Andre Drummond added 14 points and 15 rebounds, and is thrilled about playing alongside Griffin.

Blake, still getting used to his new surroundings, forgot to put on a jersey following the halftime break.

Per the Detroit News:

“I wanted to just come out and play hard, being very limited in my knowledge of our offense,” Griffin said. “I thought Coach [Stan] Van Gundy did a great job of just putting in five things that we could go to, and we ran them to death, but they worked and everybody just played hard.”

Griffin did have one snafu in his debut, forgetting his jersey and not being able to start the third quarter.

“I’m just going to blame it on the new environment and my track record; I’ve never done that before,” Griffin said. “I went to take my shirt off and I knew something didn’t feel right. I pulled it off and I saw I only had my undershirt on. I just needed Anthony Tolliver to get a stop for me.”