Carmelo Anthony: ‘I’ll Be Damned if We Panic’

Carmelo Anthony says there’s no reason to panic in Houston over the Rockets’ 1-4 start to the season.

Anthony thinks the championship expectations in H-Town are making the team’s struggles seem worse than they truly are.

The Rockets have dropped three in a row, including an ugly 133-113 road loss Friday night against the LA Clippers.

Per the Houston Chronicle:

“I think it’s over-amplified when it’s the team that has so much expectations,” Anthony said. “Regardless of it’s at the beginning of the season, regardless of it’s at the end of the season, a team that has this much expectation to not only get to the playoffs, but win a championship, of course this will always be magnified times 100.”

Early in the season, however, the Rockets have had difficulties with lineup changes forced by injures to James Harden and James Ennis III and the suspension of Chris Paul compared to changes that come later in the season when players better know one another and their roles.

“This is a learning process for everybody,” said Anthony, who has gone from playing as a backup power forward to starting small forward. “This is an experiment for everybody. We’ve been at this for four, five weeks now. We’re still working things out. At the same time, work can carry us over the top. Our work and our energy our mindset, and then everything will fall into place.”

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