Carmelo Anthony on Kristaps Porzingis: ‘I Really Love Him’ (VIDEO)

New York Knicks superstar forward Carmelo Anthony continues to refute rumors that he was unhappy with the team’s selection of Kristaps Porzingis as the fourth pick in this summer’s NBA Draft.

Melo insists that he’s thrilled with the Porzingis selection, and that he plans to work out with the youngster.

The 19-year-old Latvian big man is confident that he has what it takes to become a star in the League, and that he can thrive in the Triangle Offense.

Per TMZ and the NY Post:

“I really love him,” Anthony said. […] “I really love him. I feel him. I’m gonna get with him tomorrow,” Melo says … adding that he’s planning to squeeze in a workout with Porzingis.


Q: Tell Knicks fans why you won’t be a bust. […] Porzingis: “I think what sets me apart from those busts is that I love the game so much. However my career’s gonna start — I’m gonna be playing, not playing — I’m gonna have my mentality, just my work ethic, keeping that same discipline every day, just working until my moment comes. … I’m a student of the game. I will try to make my career as long as possible, for me it’s not about money, so, I just love playing the game.”


Q: How can you make life easier for Carmelo Anthony? […] Porzingis: “I’m a big who can stretch the floor. Carmelo, you know, he’s gonna try to attack. He will have some spacing with me open. I will go for every rebound whenever Carmelo shoots.”