Damian Lillard Quiets Orlando Heckler With 41 Points

by October 26, 2018

Damian Lillard exploded for 41 points Thursday night, largely due to a heckling Orlando Magic fan.

After struggling through the first two quarters, Lillard lit up the second half with a franchise-record 34 points, and led the Portland Trail Blazers to a 128-114 road win.

Leave Dame alone, folks.

Per The Oregonian:

“He just kept hollering my name,” Lillard said. “‘Oh, he don’t want to play tonight. He ain’t that good.’ The whole first half, he just wouldn’t shut up. And I got tired of it. I told him at the end of the second quarter, ‘We’re going to see.’ And he kept on talking. And we saw.”

Lillard responded with a second half for the ages, erupting for 34 points and making 11 of 15 shots, including 5 of 8 three-pointers, inspiring the Blazers to a 128-114 victory. By the end of the barrage, Lillard had recorded 41 points, seven rebounds and six assists in a performance the folks of Orlando won’t soon forget — including one fan in particular.

“He didn’t have much to say (in the second half),” Lillard said. “I think it was toward the end of the third quarter, I looked at him and I was tapping my ear, like, ‘I haven’t heard you.’ And he still didn’t say nothing. So that took care of itself.”

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