WATCH: Danny Green Shows Off His Pet Snakes

The Spurs swingman talks about taking care of his two pet boas, how losing Tim Duncan affected the Spurs and more.
by November 30, 2016

Lots of NBA players have interesting hobbies to keep them busy when they’re not in the gym. But how many have pet snakes? And not just snakes—boas?!

San Antonio Spurs guard Danny Green owns a pair of Burmese boas, which our sources tell us are one of the five largest species of snakes in the world. In the video above, our friend George Kiel III from Coiski visits Green at his home in San Antonio to learn about how Green takes care of his prized pets. Plus, they talk about Tim Duncan’s departure from the NBA and how the Spurs are coming together this season. Check out all that and more above.