Dwight Howard Ejected for Shoving Kenneth Faried in the Face (VIDEO)

by December 27, 2012

Everyone agreed that Dwight Howard deserved to be booted from the game last night in Denver, after he hit a driving Kenneth Faried in the grill. That is, everyone but Dwight Howard. Per the LA Daily News: “It was just a foul,’ Howard said. ‘I’ve been fouled harder than that before and nobody ever has gotten kicked out of the game for it. But I get penalized for fouling people hard. It’s basketball.’ […] ‘I shouldn’t get penalized for fouling somebody hard,’ Howard said. ‘My intentions weren’t to hurt anybody. It was just a hard foul. I’ve been fouled harder and nothing has happened. They can’t put me on a different scale because I’m a strong guy. A foul is a foul.’ Faried for one doesn’t buy it. ‘He was just mad,’ Faried said of Howard. ‘I was getting in his head and he couldn’t get the rebound. He wanted to, but I kept calling every rebound. It’s not like I said anything, or talked to him. I just play.’ Lakers guard Kobe Bryant and Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni remained the lone exceptions in admitting they saw the play. Bryant described the ejection as the ‘right call,’ while D’Antoni deferred to the officials. But the Lakers strongly argued Howard doesn’t deserve a suspension.”