Dwight Howard: ‘People Will Forget’ the Wizards’ Poor Start

by November 07, 2018

The Wizards are off to an atrocious 2-8 start, but Dwight Howard thinks folks will eventually forget about Washington’s early-season dysfunction.

John Wall, meanwhile, says the team isn’t communicating on defense.

Bradley Beal adds that despite the outside noise, head coach Scott Brooks‘ job remains safe.

Per the WaPo:

“There’s only one way to do it and it’s doing it together,” Brooks said following the Wizards’ 119-100 loss to the Dallas Mavericks, using a familiar battle cry from previous defeats. “Staying together, doing it together and believing in each other,” Brooks continued. “We’ve been here before. We have enough in our locker room.”

In the second quarter, the Wizards fell into a 20-point deficit and Brooks stood several steps away from the sideline, watching over his offense. [Markieff] Morris was called for a foul and as the whistle blew to change possessions, Brooks smacked his hands and retreated to his seat. That seat, despite the outside speculation, is far from hot.

“It’s kind of hard to ignore when you have social media and the world we live in and everybody making rumors about it. It’s — it’s — you hear it,” Beal said, admitting that he’s aware of talk about Brooks’s job security.

“It’s on TV, people are talking about it. No truth to it at all,” Beal said. “But you never really pay attention to it because he comes in and he works every day. He’s here every day. I’m not saying this as a good thing but we’ve been in this position before. We’ve dug ourselves out of this hole before. He’s a well-experienced coach. He’s played in the league. He’s coached an unbelievable team in [Oklahoma City] and now he’s coaching us and trying to get us to that level. So you’ve got to respect what he’s done. You can’t just shoot a man in his foot.”

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