Foot Locker #Approved TV Spots (VIDEOS)

Foot Locker may have just blessed us with three of the funniest commercials you will see all year. In the spot above, Russell Westbrook and James Harden are chillin’ at a BBQ when Westbrook gets mustard all over his Thunder teammate. The rest is comedic gold.

In the second installment (below), Melo is playing video games with a friend when it’s revealed that he has five “other Melo’s” around him, all fitted with perfect goatees and headbands. When his guest makes a comment about the fifth Melo, Anthony pauses the game and hilarity ensues.

In the third and final spot, Chris Bosh is hanging out poolside while Westbrook, Kevin Love and Harden take to some absurd floating devices in the pool.

Catch all three and enjoy!