Foot Locker x SLAM Draft Suite Interview: Damian Lillard

In celebration of the 2012 NBA Draft, we teamed up with Foot Locker on Wednesday, June 27—the eve of the big night—to present the Foot Locker x SLAM Draft Suite. Located at the Time Hotel in Times Square, we built out the Penthouse Suite into every young baller’s dream: food, drink, NBA 2K12, a photo booth, a barber, classic issues of SLAM and (best of all) as many pairs of sneakers as the rising stars could get their hands on—plus gear from New Era, adidas, Converse, Jordan, Nike and special edition SLAM snapback hats.

And since we’re a bunch of sneakerheads ourselves, we made sure to sit the players down for a conversation on kicks—from what they wore growing up, to their favorite shoes on and off the court, and even what a signature shoe of theirs might look like in the future.

Next up is new Portland Trail Blazers guard Damian Lillard out of Weber State, who was selected No. 6 overall in this year’s Draft. Enjoy the interview with Lillard above, and be sure to check out Foot Locker’s facebook page for even more exclusive content!