For Old Time’s Sake: Antonio McDyess

Man, was I excited when Antonio McDyess was traded to the Knicks in ’02. Granted, he was coming off knee surgery and not everybody was happy about the trade but his ability, when healthy, was top tier. Then, of course, he re-aggravated the same knee injury in the pre-season and the Knicks were left without a dominant big man for about 8 years and counting. McDyess was a beast at Alabama and a huge force when he came into the league with the Nuggets. He could jump and throw down with the best of them and was an exciting player to watch. In the ’00-01 season, he averaged 20 and 12 in Denver and made the All-Star team. After his bouts with injuries, McDyess re-invented himself as a mid-range/post player who could still do work on the boards. He currently plays for San Antonio but payed in Detroit from 04-09 and had two earlier stints in Phoenix. Shout out to Dustin A for sending in the vid.


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