Friday Night Lights Holiday Showcase Trailer 2

by December 12, 2012

Dumaine Reid/@BLKLion34

I’m back with more progression. First and foremost, I want to thank God for everything He has done for this organization. Secondly, I want to thank SLAM for giving us this opportunity to share what we have going on. This is Trailer 2 of 3, and although its only a minute and a half, it shows the brotherhood between myself and Alex Clarke (Co-Founder of Mission10Eleven). Alex has been a blessing to me, a mentor, trainer, coach and most of all a brother. We have worked so hard to do positive things in the city of Milwaukee and we have a great feeling about our upcoming event, the Friday Night Lights Holiday Showcase. As of today, we are 16 days away and its amazing to see the excitement people are expressing. Like I stated in the previous article, this is about more than basketball, our organization wants to bring our city together for something positive, which is why we’re donating funds to breast cancer research and can goods/clothing to the Salvation Army. This is all for a bigger purpose and that purpose is to show love to our city. Stay tuned and follow @Mission10Eleven on Twitter for more #FNLShowcase updates.