Hailey Van Lith Is The LADY JAMES HARDEN | Junior Season Highlights 🔥

2020 star guard Hailey Van Lith completed another dominant season for Cashmere High (WA), putting up ridiculous averages of 34.4 points, 8.3 rebounds, 4.9 assists and 5.2 steals (!) while leading the Bulldogs to an impressive 23-3 record.

Van Lith, who recently earned the Gatorade Washington Player of the Year, has a game reminiscent of James Harden, a fellow lefty who has scorched defenses into oblivion this season.

Check out her top plays during her junior season in the mixtape above.

We profiled the 17-year-old junior recently, and she gave us a peek into her thought process on the court.

“[My style of play] is a little saucy. I definitely do enjoy the flair, but I can be fundamental too, and I really love defense,” Van Lith said. “So it’s saucy, but it’s also serious. It’s business out there for me.”

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