Hassan Whiteside Smashes Fastbreak ‘Waffle House’ Dunk (VIDEO)

by March 21, 2015

Heat center Hassan Whiteside reached all the way back to a “Waffle House” before smashing a dunk in the third quarter of Miami’s 108-91 victory against the Nuggets on Friday. Whiteside stole the a lazy pass intended for JJ Hickson and took it all the way to the cup for the showtime jam.

From the Palm Beach Post:

Miami was flush with confidence taking on a Denver team that lost interest in this season a while ago, and the victory was rarely in doubt.


In the middle of the third quarter, after cutting Miami’s margin to 67-60, Randy Foye threw a careless inbounds pass that Whiteside intercepted and took down the left side of the court on a one-man fastbreak for his “Waffle House” dunk. As he flew in uncontested, he took the ball in his right hand and swung it down by his knees before crushing the rim.


“Next time I’ll do something a little more fancy,” said Whiteside, who had 14 points, 10 rebounds and two blocked shots. “I just cocked it back as far as I could and threw it down. I know the fans liked that.”