J.R. Smith Rolled into Game 4 and Says He’s Playing Like ‘Horsesh*t’ (VIDEO)

by June 12, 2015

Cleveland Cavaliers guard J.R. Smith rolled into Game 4 of the NBA Finals on something called a Phunkee Duck, which was a bad omen for the Cavs.

The self-proclaimed “J.R. Swish” then went out and continued his abhorrent play in the championship round, missing 10 of 12 shot attempts in the 103-82 loss and bricking all eight three-pointers.

J.R. didn’t mince words when asked to describe his 25 percent shooting from beyond the arc through four games, and overall lack of impact against the Golden State Warriors.

Per the Akron Beacon Journal:

“Horses—t,” he said when asked what the thought of his game.


Right now, no one may know what exactly that is as the Cavs shot 33 percent for the game and looked lost offensively whenever (LeBron) James wasn’t on the floor and their offensive woes allowed the Warriors to find their scoring rhythm. […] “They started off the game playing harder than we did, made adjustments,” Smith said. “We just couldn’t counter.”


They best way for the Cavs to counter would be by giving James more help on the offensive end. That means that Smith is one of those players who needs to get out of his scoring funk. He knows how to do that. […] “Stop thinking so much,” he said. “Just go out there and play [as] more than just a shooter. Go defend, rebound. Create plays for everybody else.”