Jason Kidd Spills Drink on the Court for Extra Timeout (VIDEO)

by November 28, 2013

This may be the first clever thing Jason Kidd has done as a head coach all season — with time running out in the fourth quarter, and the Nets down by a point to the visiting Lakers, Kidd told Tyshawn Taylor to hit him as he held a coke in his hand. The ploy worked, but Brooklyn still went down 99-94. Per the NY Post: “Afterward, Kidd tried to downplay ‘Cupgate.’ ‘The cup slipped out of my hand when I was getting Ty [out of the game],’ Kidd said. ‘Sweaty palms … I was never good with the ball, so. In the heat of the battle, you’re trying to get guys in and out of the game, and the [Coke] fell out of my hand.’ […] ‘I didn’t even know he was holding nothing, though,’ Taylor said in his defense. ‘Coach is drinking a soda on the sideline. … I was like, ‘What’s he doing?’ ‘[Spilling a drink] could ice a free-throw shooter and be a timeout when you don’t have one, but that wasn’t the thought process,’ Taylor added, drawing laughter from reporters. ‘I just was coming out and coach was in my way. ‘Coach, get out my way!’ This isn’t the first time Kidd has made a savvy move along the sidelines during a crucial moment of the game — though the last time he did so was as a player. When Kidd was playing for the Mavericks, he ran into then-Hawks head coach Mike Woodson while Woodson was out on the court, drawing a technical foul in a game Dallas eventually would go on to win.”