Jason Terry Dominates Overtime in Game 4 (VIDEO)

by April 29, 2013

Boston Celtics fans had waited all season long for this version of Jason Terry to show up, and with their backs firmly up against the wall, Terry finally delivered. The Jet scored the final 9 points for Boston in overtime yesterday against the New York Knicks, as the C’s avoided elimination by winning Game 4 97-90. Per the Boston Globe: “The game was tied at 88 when Jeff Green gathered an Iman Shumpert 3-point miss and flipped it crosscourt to Terry. He dribbled toward Jason Kidd, who sensed his former Mavericks teammate was going to pull up. ‘Whether I miss five in a row or made five, Doc [Rivers] said that’s my shot, and for years that’s been my shot,’ Terry said. ‘Been real reluctant this season to take it for whatever reason, but it’s no hesitancy now. What do you have to lose? So that’s where that confidence is.’ […] ‘He was great,’ Rivers said. ‘You know, that’s what he does. He’s made so many big shots in his career. It’s amazing, you know, you guys don’t get to see it, but when you watch all the guys, and not just Jason Terry, but when you watch them practice on the floor on their own, they work on certain shots. And that’s the shot, that transition three is something he works on all the time. And you knew once he got it what he was going to do. I thought it was interesting when you watch the play, I thought Jason Kidd knew it, too. Because you could see him coming from the basket, from them playing with each other. So it was a big shot.’ […] ‘You gotta love it,’ Terry said with a bright smile. ‘This is what the playoffs is all about. The intensity. The game. Maybe that’s what we were waiting on. We should have just fast-forwarded it to [an elimination game] and realize that if we lost it’s over. But that’s the type of pressure we’re up against and they know all they need is one game, and that’s all we need — to keep our season going.'”