WATCH: JR Smith’s Dangerous Closeout on Kevin Durant Backfires

by June 04, 2017
jr smith kevin durant

Once again in Game 2, Kevin Durant was unguardable, finishing with a game-high 33 points on 13-22 shooting.

On a shot attempt during the third quarter, Durant almost was almost injured by Cavs guard JR Smith as Smith slid his foot under Durant on the closeout.

Durant narrowly avoided Smith’s foot on the way down, made the three-pointer and drew the foul on Smith—his fourth.

Closeouts have been a hot topic for the Warriors during the postseason this year. After Kawhi Leonard went down in Game 1 after landing on Zaza Pachulia’s foot in Game 1 of the Western Conference finals, KD avoided another dangerous closeout by LaMarcus Aldridge in Game 2.

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