Kawhi Leonard Hits Game-Winning 3 to Beat Cavaliers (VIDEO)

The Cleveland Cavaliers defense collapsed on a driving Tony Parker, forgetting all about Kawhi Leonard who was wide open in the corner. Whoops! Game over. Per the Express-News and Plain Dealer: “Needing a basket after Dion Waiters’ impossible 20-footer put Cleveland up by two with 9.9 seconds left, (Gregg) Popovich first drew a play for Duncan in the post against rookie Tyler Zeller. The Cavs took a foul after 1.1 seconds, forcing Popovich to Plan B. ‘The (play) we called, we’ve practiced that a thousand times, so I knew we’d be able to run that,’ Popovich said. ‘And we wanted the ball in Tony’s hands.’ Parker beat his man off the dribble, drove at Zeller, then sensed Waiters — who led Cleveland (16-37) with 20 points — helping off Leonard in the corner. ‘I saw Kawhi wide open,’ Parker said. Leonard knocked down the go-ahead 3-pointer, Parker manhandled Irving on the other end, and the Spurs went into the All-Star break riding high. […] ‘I blame myself,’ Waiters said, shaking his head afterward. ‘I helped, but I helped too far.’ Waiters noted that’s the second time this season that his defensive lapse yielded a game-winning 3-pointer. The rookie left Ray Allen open Nov. 24 in Miami as the Heat triumphed, 110-108. ‘I’ve just got to do a better job of just staying home,’ Waiters said. ‘Defensively, you’ve got to shrink the floor and that’s what I tried to do. But I got over there late, and he hit the shot.'”