Kawhi Leonard Keeping an ‘Open Mind’ About Toronto

by September 24, 2018

Kawhi Leonard held an introductory press conference Monday in Toronto, telling the assembled media that he’s keeping an “open mind” about playing for the Raptors.

The two-time Defensive Player of the Year was traded by the San Antonio Spurs this summer, and says he’s entirely focused on making the most of his current situation.

Leonard, 27, described himself as a “fun guy” and insisted that he’s looking forward to playing in a “great city that loves basketball.”


“I want to play here,” Leonard said. “I came in with an open mind. I want to do great things … focus on this year. If you’re looking toward the future, you’re going to trip over the present.”

Asked about his long-term goals, Leonard, who described himself as a “fun guy,” said he plans to “play a long, healthy career; be happy wherever I land.”

New Raptors coach Nick Nurse said he had no conversations with the Spurs about what went wrong last season. Nurse said all that mattered to him was that Leonard was “serious about winning.”

Asked his reaction to coming to Toronto, Leonard said, “Excited. I’m coming to a great city that loves basketball.”

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