Kevin Durant: ‘I Know You Think I’m Sensitive’

Kevin Durant’s latest social media skirmish dredged up familiar arguments about him supposedly being “sensitive.”

KD took exception to these suggestions, as usual, and vowed to keep engaging with folks online.

Durant says he enjoys sparring with his followers.

Per Yahoo Sports:

“I should shut the [expletive] up, right?” Durant told Yahoo Sports. “Man, get out the way. I done did the work, I done showed you what I do. I know y’all don’t like me, but get out the way and let this [expletive] roll. I ain’t want no smoke with nobody.

“I see guys voicing their opinions on social media, and I’ve always been part of social media, always interacting with fans of basketball and people that I know. I enjoy that [expletive]. All of this is part of the game for me. Of course, I’m on my Instagram, on Twitter, just like the rest of my peers. So what’s the problem if I got something to say? It’s just because I do it.”

He’s walked hotel lobbies in Las Vegas this week, talking smack with fans. For Durant, McCollum is no different. For anyone calling him sensitive, Durant simply states he is now unafraid to speak his mind. Hate it or love it.

“I don’t mind a random person coming up to me in the Encore hotel who wants to talk [expletive] about ball,” Durant told Yahoo Sports. “Whoever enjoys the game as much as me, I don’t mind. I’m down for that. When I’m on my phone in the middle and in between practices, of course, I’m going to respond. Now I’m just like, I don’t really care what people think about me, the names people call me. I know every time I say something, people are going to get upset at me. So I feel like I have all the power now. I can make so many people upset by just speaking my mind and speaking my truths, being transparent with everyone.

“It’ll get all these random people coming on national TV to project their feelings onto me. It’s pretty funny actually. I know what’s important. In between those lines, people aren’t going to step in between them. Really, how are the words of those people more valid than mine?

“Me and C.J. are tight. We talk on the phone all the time about little [expletive] like that. It was a friendly jab, and everyone ran with it. But I can’t get into [expletive] like that with other players because people just don’t like me at this point. It won’t stop me. It’ll fuel me to be better and better. I know you think I’m sensitive, but I’m just tired of holding it in.”

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