Kevin Durant Visits OKC Tornado Victims (VIDEO)

by May 23, 2013

Following a devastatingly violent tornado that ravaged Moore, Oklahoma this week, Thunder superstar forward Kevin Durant did more than give $1 million of his own money to help with the recovery efforts. KD also provided his time. Per the Oklahoman: “He did anything and everything he could to bring a smile to as many faces as possible. He shook hands and gave hugs. He posed for pictures and signed autographs. Not once did Durant turn down a request, graciously scribbling his signature on anything he was handed. A pair of shoes. A hat. A Thunder mug. A team program. ‘I just feel for these families, man,’ Durant said. ‘They don’t have a home. All their things are gone. I’m just lost for words, to be honest.’ As he strolled the streets of Moore with his brother, Tony, and close friends Cliff Dixon and Randy Williams, Durant repeated the word ‘unbelievable.’ Roofs were caved in. Garages were gone. Cars were totaled. There was an unforgettable image of a pair of jeans still hanging in a closet of one home that had lost all its walls and had become completely exposed. ‘It doesn’t seem real,’ Durant said. ‘It looked like a bomb hit.’ […] ‘What he immediately said to everyone around him is ‘We got to do something,’ said Emmanuel Bailey, president of the Kevin Durant Family Foundation. ‘And so he, on his own, decided that he wanted to give $1 million. And, really, that was designed to motivate others to give. I think we’re up to about $7.5 million now as a result of Mr. Durant’s gift.’ Durant said giving his time was a direct reflection of how the Thunder is a part of the community. ‘We’re not just here to play basketball. We really are embedded in the community, invested in the community,’ Durant said. ‘And it’s good to see them smile. That’s the best part about it. It’s going to change here soon. We just got to stick together as a community.'”