Kobe Bryant Gets Away With Last-Second Foul on Ricky Rubio (VIDEO)

As the Minnesota Timberwolves mounted a furious, improbable comeback against the Lakers last night, Ricky Rubio had a chance to tie the game with time running out. Kobe Bryant hacked him instead, and got away with one as Los Angeles escaped wth 120-117. Bryant didn’t bat an eyelash when asked about the controversial play. Per the LA Daily News and LA Times: “Kobe Bryant on last play on Rubio: ‘They ain’t calling that sh*t. I don’t think I got him, but that’s a tough call to make.’ […] Kobe said he didn’t foul Rubio. But what if a foul had been called? ‘We’d have gone into overtime and won the game.'”

(H/T: @cjzero)