Lance Stephenson Doesn’t Regret Blowing in LeBron James’ Ear

Lance Stephenson says he was trying to rattle LeBron James when he infamously blew in the superstar’s ear during a 2014 playoff game.

Stephenson adds that he doesn’t regret the decision.

Lance and James are now teammates in Los Angeles, and says “being friends with LeBron” will be an interesting experience.

Per The Score:

“I was really trying to get him mad, really trying to win the game, get him unfocused,” Stephenson said. “And I was trying anything, and for you to do something to somebody and they don’t respond, they keep continuing playing hard, it’s like: ‘yo, how do I…’ I was just trying to find stuff.”

“I don’t regret it,” Stephenson added. “But sometimes I look at it like, ‘Why did I do that? What made me do that?'”