Lance Stephenson Scores 25 Points in 12 Minutes at Gersh Park (VIDEO)

by August 02, 2015

Last night, the All-Stars from Staten Island’s Under The Lights league took on Gersh Park’s finest in Brooklyn at the East New York Memorial Classic. As if the All-Star game wasn’t exciting enough already, Clippers guard Lance Stephenson made a surprise appearance.

According to Lance, via Instagram, and others in attendance, Born Ready was taking in the action from the sidelines when someone from UTL called him out. So Lance suited up and promptly scored 25 points in 12 minutes (at least one witness claims it was 26 points, actually) and led Gersh to the victory.

“Dude called me out while I was watching the game so I won the game for the home team 25 points in 12min,” Stephenson said on Instagram. Here’s the video of his first touch of the game, from Lance’s IG:

Here’s the only other additional footage we could find from the game:

Never, ever change, Lance.