Larry Sanders Suffered a Nasty Fall (VIDEO)

by February 06, 2013

With Kenneth Faried charging down the lane, Larry Sanders stood between him and the hoop. Unfortunately for Sanders, the force of the contact knocked him off balance and sent him crashing to the floor. Though he was forced to leave the game for good, Sanders doesn’t think he’ll be out for too long. Per the Journal Sentinel: “I landed more to the right side, on the back of the hip bone,’ Sanders said. ‘They did a couple X-rays. Nothing too severe. That’s great news. It’s pretty painful. I’ll just get a couple more X-rays and take care of it so I can get back as fast as I can.’ […] ‘We collided in the air and I couldn’t catch myself,’ Sanders said. ‘Once you’re in the air like that it’s any man’s game. And me jumping straight up and him coming full speed, usually you’re on the losing end of that … He didn’t make the shot, did he? OK, good.’ Faried did not make the dunk but hit 1 of 2 free throws as part of Denver’s 19-4 run to end the game. Faried said he and Sanders had talked about a meeting at the rim a few plays earlier. ‘He grabbed my arm,’ Faried said. ‘He knew he did. We were talking about the play. He told me I was bouncy and I told him, ‘Watch out now.’ It was ironic and funny because I came down and tried to dunk it, and we were talking about it two possessions earlier when we were shooting free throws.'”

(H/T: @jose3030)