LeBron James Accidentally Flashed Cameras in Game 4 (VIDEO)

by June 12, 2015

For a nanosecond Thursday night, ABC viewers learned more about LeBron James than they likely wanted to.

Cameras caught James having an, um, wardrobe malfunction just prior to Game 4 of the NBA Finals. (The Internet, naturally, then turned this innocuous moment into a major storyline.)

Cameras were LeBron’s enemy during the Golden State Warriors’ 103-82 win against the Cleveland Cavaliers, as he also suffered some nasty gashes on his head when he crashed into a photog along the baseline.

Per the AP:

Moments before Game 4 of the NBA Finals began on Thursday night, James inadvertently exposed himself to millions watching on live television. As James was getting ready to take the court, an ABC camera moved in for a close-up. […] Turns out it got a little too close.


James was adjusting his shorts as he started to tuck in his jersey. He briefly pulled down the black compression shorts he wore under his gold game shorts as well, exposing himself to an audience that has averaged about 18.5 million viewers in the first three games of the series.


It conjured memories of (Janet) Jackson’s performance at halftime of the Super Bowl in 2004 when Justin Timberlake tugged at Jackson’s top and briefly exposed one of the singer’s breasts.