LeBron James Freestyles Over a Jay Z Song (VIDEO)

>We’ve seen and heard LeBron James dabble in rap before, but this is the first time he’s put down a whole verse on a song for public consumption. LBJ and a buddy from Ohio got in the recording studio last summer to freestyle over a Jay Z hit. Per TMZ:

‘Bron and his childhood friend Sian Cotton hit up a recording studio in Ohio last summer and busted out a remix of the Jay-Z club banger “F**kwithmeyouknowIgotit.”

“We were working out together and LeBron said ‘let’s get in the booth.’ I said ‘I’m going tonight’, so he came to the studio.”

Cotton — an aspiring rapper who just released his new mixtape (featuring his new song “Ancient Mayans”) — adds, “We were just having fun. Bron had jotted some notes down earlier, and he finished his verse in the studio.”